Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Premaxx Baby Sling Bag

Premaxx Baby Sling

• Simple to use, can easily be put on and removed alone
• Excellent for discreet breastfeeding
• Carries baby in the most natural position, so eye contact is always possible
• Generous sized pockets for wipes, nappies, phone and purse when baby is in upright position
• Can assist in settling a colicky baby
• The Baby-Bag sling makes your baby feel safe and secure
• Quick and easy to use - adjustable band that fits all sizes
• a hip-seat with back support for baby from 4 months+, through to approx 18 months (15kgs)
• Made of 100% cotton and machine washable
Available in  3 designs :
Beach Stripes
Bright Red
Dark Maroon
  - Suitable for baby 0 - 18months
- Comes complete with box and manual book

Price : RM50

Importance Notice : This items has been SOLD OUT. No more stock entire Malaysia.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

MyTupperBaby Opening Sales!!!

Red Multi Dispenser with 3 divided space
12.5cm (Diameter) x 17.9cm (Height)
Retail price : RM38.20

Offer Price: RM 30

Beverage Buddy in Cool Aqua
2 Liter
Easy to bring anyway with handle
Retail price : RM36.30

Offer Price: RM 30

Lime Lemon Rectangular Set (4)

Lime Lemon Rectangular Set (4) + Round Keeper (2)
Retail price : RM83.60

Buy now to get Round Keeper 380ml to complete your Lime Lemon collection
for only RM14 (Retail : RM26.80).

Offer Price: RM 66

Modular Mates Rounds (4)
Sold to NorLida

Modular Mates Rounds (4) + Free gift

Sold to  Norlida

Modular Mates Ovals (2)
Retail price : RM100.20
Buy now to get free gift Modular Mates Round with Black seal!!

Offer Price: RM 70 

One Touch Topper (2) + One Touch Canister (2)

OT Topper Small (2)
Retail price : RM39.60

OT Canister Small (2)
2 liter
Retail price : RM54.60

 Offer Price: RM 70

Evergreen Special Set (3)
Medium Green Bowl
Small Green Bowl
Thirstbreak Tumbler
Retail price : RM50++

 Offer Price: RM 40

Modular Keeper with Grid
9.4 Liter

Great for storing uncut veggies and fruits.
Grid keep just cleaned contents above any water residue to prolong freshness.
Grid can be remove so container can be used for storing dry foods.

Retail price : RM86.70

  Offer Price: RM 70

Cheerful Cherry Set
Sold to Khalila

Cherry Tumbler 650ml
RNS Small Round  380ml
Cherry Pouch

With RNS Small Round you can reheat your favorites foods - direct from freezer to the microwave

Retail Price : RM61.80

Offer Price : RM50

Berry Merry Set
Cherry Tumbler 650ml
RNS Small Round  380ml
Berry Pouch
With RNS Small Round you can reheat your favorites foods - direct from freezer to the microwave
Retail Price : RM61.80

Offer Price : RM50

Yellow Fresh Keeper
9.5cm(H) x 14cm(W) x 27.7cm (L)
 Retail Price : RM45

Offer Price : RM30

Medium Square Round (4) Green
Sold to Nurazua

Retail Price : RM68

Offer Price: RM 55

Large Handy Jug
2 Liter
23.7cm(H) x 9.6cm(W) x 18.8cm(L) - incl handle
Retail Price : 46.30

Offer Price : RM35

Reheatable Adjustable Divided Lunch Box
Sold to Nurazua

24cm(L) x 15.7cm (W) x 5.2cm(H)

Retail Price : RM39.60
Offer Price : RM30 + free pouch