Sunday, 11 December 2011

CARTER'S Carry-All Diaper Bags

CARTER'S Carry-All Diaper Bags -Blue Brown

CARTER'S Carry-All Diaper Bags -Pink Brown

1 Large Middle Zipper compartment in to stuff all your baby needs & essentials.
1 Zipper compartment inside to keep valuable items.
1 Plastic Pouch attached inside bags to keep baby dirty clothes or baby toiletries.
2 mesh pocket and 1 plastic slit compartment for better organizes for keeping diapers, wipes and other essentials.
2 side pockets suitable for baby bottles.
1 Velcro flap pocket and front side open slit pocket to keep your hand phone or small purse.
1 Slit back compartment for additional storage.
Wipe-able and washable material for both inside and outside for easy cleaning.
Perfect for long trips and window shopping.
Comes with adjustable length shoulder sling strap to fit your size perfectly.
Includes 1 easy-to-clean Changing Pad.

Measurement & Weight:
Large - 13"(H) x 15"(L) x 6"(W) - Weight: 700.00 Grams
Mini- 9"(H) x 11"(L) x7"(W) - Weight: 500.00 Grams
Price : Large = RM50.00, Mini = RM35.00
Both : RM70.00 (Large & Mini)

Monday, 17 October 2011

VRBabies - Pure Cotton Ring Sling Carrier

Blue Stripes Design

  • Compact and small - Perfect solution for travelling or shopping
  • Adjustable sling to achieve a secure and comfortable fit both for baby and wearer
  • Perfect for handsfree nursing
  • Light weight but strong fabric
  • At least 5 different carrying positions
  • Spreads the weight of the baby across your back for maximum comfort
Available in Blue Stripes

Recommended Age: Birth to 13kg

5 different carrying positions


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mothercare 6 Ways Baby Carrier

Mothercare  6 Ways Baby Carrier
Adorable black 6 way carrier by Mothercare.
The strap can be use six kinds of transmortions - Use from 0-24 months
  1. Front facing
  2. Pre-hold type
  3. Heng Boa style
  4. Back style
  5. former holds when use with head protection zone
  6. two cross protection zone
  • The use of open design simple, safe and practical
  • The design with a head restraint and baby head protection zone
  • Strap design from birth to 30 months reference.
  • Use of Natural cotton fabric for comfortable for baby
  • Strap at the bottom of mesh was well ventilated suitable for all year use.
  • Strap glove a small pocket in front for soft toys and pacifiers
  • Head restraint put on can protect baby and neck
  • Strap has passed safety test 

6 ways to hold your loves one!!

 OFFER  PRICE : RM130  RM100

Monday, 10 October 2011

Portable Baby Cot by Mothercare

Mothercare Portable Baby Cot - Orange

Portable Baby Cot (inside view)-orange

Portable Baby Cot

Specifications: 96 * 35 * high 15cm wide
Weight: 1. 5 kg (with packing boxes to more than 2 kg )
Material: 100% cotton
Filling: Sponge
Suitable for ages 0-18 months
color: blue / orange

Can replace the crib, on the middle of Mom and Dad`s bed at any time convenient to parents, designed to take care of the baby. Can be washable, lightweight foldable, portable travel, let your baby have their own little bed at any time.

Portable Baby Cot (inside view)- Blue

Mothercare Portable Baby Cot - Blue
Comes in a box

Suitable for baby gift too!
Mothercare Portable Baby Cot - Orange/Blue (Out of Stock!!!)

Mothercare Portable Baby Cot - Cream

Mothercare Portable Baby Cot  - Cream (outside/inside)

Ready stock : Color Cream (polkadot inside)


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Sightseer Baby Carrier

 About the Sightseer
The Sightseer Carrier is created for the fashion-savvy mommy and Mother Nature alike, the Sightseer is made of certified organic cotton and is machine washable.   It slips on like a t-shirt, and buckles securely into place.  It is unmatched in comfort, support and overall ease-of-use.  Simple easy-to-use buckle system ensures baby is secure and comfortable for effortless, worry-free outings.

Standout Features
  • Lightweight and Earth-friendly
  • Made from Certified Organic Cotton that is machine washable (see baby girl’s drool, washing will be frequent for us!)
  • Slips on like a t-shirt and buckles simply and securely into place.
  • Secure and versatile design allows your little co-traveler to face snugly inward, or outward with a view on the world.
  • Exclusive fashion-print exterior and signature Petunia stitch detailing.
  • Color-coordinating custom hardware, time and fittings are seamlessly integrated.
  • Simple easy-to-use buckle system ensures baby is secure and comfortable for effortless, worry-free outings.
  • Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Remove promptly. Lay flat to dry.

This baby carrier is for babies from 21” (53 cm) and 3.5kg up to 10kg.

Price : RM90 (include postage)

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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Mothercare Magic Sling

Mothercare Magic Sling

PRICE : RM100 (free postage)

Importance Notice : This items has been SOLD OUT. Will be update once reSTOCK.

GRACO Kyo Baby Carrier

GRACO Baby Carrier

GRACO Back View

GRACO Side View
Value and comfort for mum and dad on the go

Features :-
Comfort And Well Being For Baby
Soft inner material for baby's comfort
Extra padded crotch
Lumbar support for even weight distribution
Wide comfortable back and shoulder straps
Ease Of Use
Opens out completely to make it really easy to get your baby in and out
Two carrying positions - inward for newborns and outwards when baby can self support his/her neck/head
Fully washable
Handy mesh storage / carrying bag
Suitable for use from birth up to 10kg.

PRICE : RM 120 (free postage)

Importance Notice : This items has been SOLD OUT. Will be update once reSTOCK.

Mothercare 4 Ways Baby Carrier

Product information :

Offers 4 positions including nursing position for discreet feeding- perfect for an active breast feeding mum!

•4-position carrier:
baby faces you from birth (from 3.5kg)
 baby faces outwards (from 3mths)
baby rides -back style(from 3 mths
lies in the nursing position for discreet feeding
•Suitable from birth to 12kg
•Gel padded strap - your little one will keep growing heavier, but our unique gel filled ventilated shoulder strap ensures that you'll always stay comfortable
•Sophisticated support - a special ergonomic design spreads the weight across your back, front and shoulders, improving your balance and comfort
•Simple expansion - our unique zip-pull adjusters let you easily expand your carrier to suit your growing baby
•Removable liner
•Comfort cushioned with special padding on the inner seat and leg and arm hole to give baby a comfy, cosy ride
•Easy flat opening - hassle free design makes it simple to put your baby into the carrier
•Easy adjust straps - for a snug, comfy fit everytime
•Machine washable
•Available in Red Only
•This item is Mothercare Original & Brand New.


Friday, 22 July 2011

CHICCO Baby Carrier

CHICCO Baby Carrier

Designed in Italy, the Go Baby Carrier provides extra comfortable lining and adjustable padded straps for the comfort of both mommy and baby. The carrier features an exclusive cuddle pocket to soothe and comfort baby, as well as a washable snap-on spit-up cloth, and vented side mesh panels. The sides feature three adjustment straps for best fit and comfort.

Features :-
Soft, breathable lining gives baby a cool, padded, comfortable ride
Unique cuddle pocket lets baby feel your comforting touch
Mesh side panels increase ventilation and comfort
Adjustable padded straps for proper fit and shoulder comfort
Machine washable fabric for easy care and maintenance
Snap-on towel protects clothes from dribbles and drools
Suitable for use of age from 3.5kg to 9.0kg.

The Chicco Go baby carrier is the ideal alternative to the stroller during the first months of baby's life. It is practical. light and dynamic, and offers you comfortable carrying positions.
•    Go Baby Carrier follows baby's growth with simplicity and versatility, ensuring always maximum comfort and safety.
•    Height-adjustable, padded shoulder straps.
•    The reinforced backrest ensures a correct position and offers maximum support to baby's back.
•    Side mesh insert for maximum ventilation. Inner lining in breathable fabric.
•    The cuddle pocket allows you to always keep in contact with baby while supporting baby's weight.
•    Protective bib.
•    The dual side adjustment system ensures a perfect fit to the waist and leg regions.
•    The fabric cover can be cleaned
•    Ideal from 0 to 9 months (9 kg max.)

Size : 15 x 30 x 40 cm
Net Weight : 0.4 kg
Weight with packaging : 0.72 kg
Size of packaging : 25 x 9 x 30 cm
Age : 0m+
Colour : Black

PRICE: RM120 (free postage)

Importance Notice : This items has been SOLD OUT. Will be update once reSTOCK.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Carter's Mum 4pcs Set Backpack

Mum 4pcs Set Backpack - Green Set 

Mum 4pcs Set Backpack - Inner view

waterproof material

Backpack: 29*14*42cm
Changing pad:58*35c​m
Bottle carrier:25​*9cm

Color available: black & green

Price : RM95

Importance Notice : This items has been SOLD OUT. Will be update once reSTOCK.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cute Crochet Hats

Crochet Hats for pretty babies!
Lovely addition to any young girl's accesories.
Very comfortable and stylish too!!
A must have for any children photography session.

CH01 Lovely Red

CH02 Purely White

CH03 Cute Pink
CH04 Classic Pink
Grab it now for only RM25 per piece!!
Cheapest price in town!!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Premaxx Baby Sling Bag

Premaxx Baby Sling

• Simple to use, can easily be put on and removed alone
• Excellent for discreet breastfeeding
• Carries baby in the most natural position, so eye contact is always possible
• Generous sized pockets for wipes, nappies, phone and purse when baby is in upright position
• Can assist in settling a colicky baby
• The Baby-Bag sling makes your baby feel safe and secure
• Quick and easy to use - adjustable band that fits all sizes
• a hip-seat with back support for baby from 4 months+, through to approx 18 months (15kgs)
• Made of 100% cotton and machine washable
Available in  3 designs :
Beach Stripes
Bright Red
Dark Maroon
  - Suitable for baby 0 - 18months
- Comes complete with box and manual book

Price : RM50

Importance Notice : This items has been SOLD OUT. No more stock entire Malaysia.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

MyTupperBaby Opening Sales!!!

Red Multi Dispenser with 3 divided space
12.5cm (Diameter) x 17.9cm (Height)
Retail price : RM38.20

Offer Price: RM 30

Beverage Buddy in Cool Aqua
2 Liter
Easy to bring anyway with handle
Retail price : RM36.30

Offer Price: RM 30

Lime Lemon Rectangular Set (4)

Lime Lemon Rectangular Set (4) + Round Keeper (2)
Retail price : RM83.60

Buy now to get Round Keeper 380ml to complete your Lime Lemon collection
for only RM14 (Retail : RM26.80).

Offer Price: RM 66

Modular Mates Rounds (4)
Sold to NorLida

Modular Mates Rounds (4) + Free gift

Sold to  Norlida

Modular Mates Ovals (2)
Retail price : RM100.20
Buy now to get free gift Modular Mates Round with Black seal!!

Offer Price: RM 70 

One Touch Topper (2) + One Touch Canister (2)

OT Topper Small (2)
Retail price : RM39.60

OT Canister Small (2)
2 liter
Retail price : RM54.60

 Offer Price: RM 70

Evergreen Special Set (3)
Medium Green Bowl
Small Green Bowl
Thirstbreak Tumbler
Retail price : RM50++

 Offer Price: RM 40

Modular Keeper with Grid
9.4 Liter

Great for storing uncut veggies and fruits.
Grid keep just cleaned contents above any water residue to prolong freshness.
Grid can be remove so container can be used for storing dry foods.

Retail price : RM86.70

  Offer Price: RM 70

Cheerful Cherry Set
Sold to Khalila

Cherry Tumbler 650ml
RNS Small Round  380ml
Cherry Pouch

With RNS Small Round you can reheat your favorites foods - direct from freezer to the microwave

Retail Price : RM61.80

Offer Price : RM50

Berry Merry Set
Cherry Tumbler 650ml
RNS Small Round  380ml
Berry Pouch
With RNS Small Round you can reheat your favorites foods - direct from freezer to the microwave
Retail Price : RM61.80

Offer Price : RM50

Yellow Fresh Keeper
9.5cm(H) x 14cm(W) x 27.7cm (L)
 Retail Price : RM45

Offer Price : RM30

Medium Square Round (4) Green
Sold to Nurazua

Retail Price : RM68

Offer Price: RM 55

Large Handy Jug
2 Liter
23.7cm(H) x 9.6cm(W) x 18.8cm(L) - incl handle
Retail Price : 46.30

Offer Price : RM35

Reheatable Adjustable Divided Lunch Box
Sold to Nurazua

24cm(L) x 15.7cm (W) x 5.2cm(H)

Retail Price : RM39.60
Offer Price : RM30 + free pouch