Monday, 17 October 2011

VRBabies - Pure Cotton Ring Sling Carrier

Blue Stripes Design

  • Compact and small - Perfect solution for travelling or shopping
  • Adjustable sling to achieve a secure and comfortable fit both for baby and wearer
  • Perfect for handsfree nursing
  • Light weight but strong fabric
  • At least 5 different carrying positions
  • Spreads the weight of the baby across your back for maximum comfort
Available in Blue Stripes

Recommended Age: Birth to 13kg

5 different carrying positions


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mothercare 6 Ways Baby Carrier

Mothercare  6 Ways Baby Carrier
Adorable black 6 way carrier by Mothercare.
The strap can be use six kinds of transmortions - Use from 0-24 months
  1. Front facing
  2. Pre-hold type
  3. Heng Boa style
  4. Back style
  5. former holds when use with head protection zone
  6. two cross protection zone
  • The use of open design simple, safe and practical
  • The design with a head restraint and baby head protection zone
  • Strap design from birth to 30 months reference.
  • Use of Natural cotton fabric for comfortable for baby
  • Strap at the bottom of mesh was well ventilated suitable for all year use.
  • Strap glove a small pocket in front for soft toys and pacifiers
  • Head restraint put on can protect baby and neck
  • Strap has passed safety test 

6 ways to hold your loves one!!

 OFFER  PRICE : RM130  RM100

Monday, 10 October 2011

Portable Baby Cot by Mothercare

Mothercare Portable Baby Cot - Orange

Portable Baby Cot (inside view)-orange

Portable Baby Cot

Specifications: 96 * 35 * high 15cm wide
Weight: 1. 5 kg (with packing boxes to more than 2 kg )
Material: 100% cotton
Filling: Sponge
Suitable for ages 0-18 months
color: blue / orange

Can replace the crib, on the middle of Mom and Dad`s bed at any time convenient to parents, designed to take care of the baby. Can be washable, lightweight foldable, portable travel, let your baby have their own little bed at any time.

Portable Baby Cot (inside view)- Blue

Mothercare Portable Baby Cot - Blue
Comes in a box

Suitable for baby gift too!
Mothercare Portable Baby Cot - Orange/Blue (Out of Stock!!!)

Mothercare Portable Baby Cot - Cream

Mothercare Portable Baby Cot  - Cream (outside/inside)

Ready stock : Color Cream (polkadot inside)